Libya Premier Announces Resignation From Baida Government

What remains of Libya’s fragile political stability was potentially dealt a further blow this week when the Prime Minister of the country’s internationally recognized government in Baida, ‘Abd Allah al-Thinni, announced his intention to resign by the end of the week.

“I officially resign and I will submit my resignation to the House of Representatives (HOR - the Tobruk based parliament) on Sunday,” he told Libya Channel, a private television station, on 11 August. “People do not need to protest against me, because I officially resign from my position.”

There remains the possibility that Mr Thinni will choose to stay on. Officials in Baida have denied that he plans to leave, and his frustration with his lack of political and economic control have provoked him to threaten to resign before. But if he does step down, it would be a blow to peace talks on the formation of a unity government. (CONTINUED - 1195 WORDS)