Two of Egypt’s state-owned oil refineries have announced the award of contracts for new gasoline units, as part of an Oil Ministry program to expand the production of light products in response to growing transport fuel demand.

Alexandria National Refining and Petrochemical Company (ANRPC), operator of an 824,000 tons/year (18,500 b/d) naphtha hydrotreater at Alexandria, which was started up in September 2013, has signed an agreement with US firm UOP for technology licenses for new 540,000 t/y (12,200 b/d) continuous catalytic regeneration (CCR) platformer to be built at the same site. The new plant is scheduled for start-up in 2018 and will have capacity to produce 490,000 t/y (11,400 b/d) of reformate (a gasoline blending component) as well as 35,000 t/y of hydrogen and 15,000 t/y of butane. The addition will take the plant’s total output capacity for gasoline components to 23,600 b/d. (CONTINUED - 638 WORDS)