$3.8Bn Syria Pledges

Arab and western countries pledged a total of $3.8bn at an international donors’ conference held in Kuwait on 31 March to help civilians suffering from the civil war in Syria. Key contributors were Kuwait, the US and Saudi Arabia.

This is less than half the $8.4bn ($2.9bn for displaced Syrians inside the country and $5.5bn for refugees outside) that the UN requested for 2015. Nearly 3.8mn Syrians are refugees in neighboring countries, mainly Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

There was no word on how the latest monies raised would be split. Jordan’s PM says his country needs some $3bn in 2015 to look after 1.4mn refugees, 20% of the total population, while his Lebanese counterpart says hosting 1.5mn will cost $2.1bn this year. He added that Lebanon is already suffering from infrastructure-related problems and political issues, as well as a dangerous security situation arising from the presence of these refugees. (CONTINUED - 317 WORDS)


table Syria: Latest Aid Pledges ($Mn)