Syria’s Economic Hardships Intensify With Fuel Shortage

Despite continued Iranian shipments, with output below 10,000 b/d, Syria faces growing oil shortages.

Syria is currently suffering from a severe shortage of petroleum products, in particular diesel, prompting several deputies in the Syrian parliament to complain and question the government for this failure.

Addressing a session of parliament earlier this week, the Syrian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sulaiman al-‘Abbas attributed the shortage to the lack of domestic crude production and limited access to supplies of imported crude for processing at the refineries in Banias and Homs.

Though key ally Iran continues to supply around 50,000-70,000 b/d of crude to Syria, this is evidently proving insufficient. Syria’s Economy and Trade Minister Hamam al-Jazairi says the delayed delivery of Iranian crude shipments to Syria, alongside the inability of the government to import crude and products freely, is partly responsible for the shortages. (CONTINUED - 707 WORDS)