Syrian Oil Output Shrinks Further; Is An Endgame In Sight?

Government-controlled crude output in Syria is down again, leaving the Asad government more reliant on key benefactor Iran. Following Russia’s intervention in the country’s conflict it is now pushing for a negotiated solution.

Syrian oil production from government-controlled areas fell to a mere 9,200 b/d for the third quarter this year, just 2% of the 387,000 b/d the country was producing before the country’s civil war broke out in 2011.

Output averaged 9,688 b/d for the first nine months of this year, Syrian Oil Minister Sulaiman al-‘Abbas said this week, figures that imply that production has again dipped after a modest rebound to 10,600 b/d for the three months to June (see graph). Gas production in the first nine months of the year totaled 4.032 bcm (523mn cfd) of which 86% went to the Ministry of Electricity for power generation (which is 90% dependent on gas feedstock), 11% to the Ministry of Oil, and 3% to the Ministry of Industry. Gas production has fared somewhat better than oil, falling to about 50% of its March 2011 output of 1.06bn cfd (MEES, 30 January). (CONTINUED - 976 WORDS)