MENA Power Survey: Generators Seek Fuel Diversity; Capacity Up 3.4% To 370GW

Regional electricity generators raised total capacity by 3.84% to 372.1GW in 2014. GCC countries led the expansion through an increase of almost 4.5% over 2013, equivalent to 5.45GW of new capacity (see table).

Although hydrocarbons and gas in particular dominated the fuel mix in new plants, generators continued to seek fuel diversity through new renewables capacity and moves towards nuclear and coal.

Despite the abundant hydrocarbons resources of many regional countries, the pursuit of improved energy efficiency was a common theme among governments last year. GCC countries in particular are among the world’s largest energy consumers in both per capita and per unit of GDP terms. Yet some gas producers are finding their resources overstretched, with competition from other industries and exports ambitions limiting gas availability. (CONTINUED - 1711 WORDS)


table Regional Power Generating Capacity (Gw)