IOCs Consider Yemen Pull-back As Attacks Mount

Largely insulated from the political crisis unfolding in Yemen thus far, international oil companies (IOCs) are now being drawn in, prompting a number of them to rethink their country strategies, ahead of what is sure to be a turbulent start to 2015.


Early last week, Al-Qa’ida linked groups issued a warning to France’s Total, describing its facilities in Yemen as “legitimate targets” for their operations. In a statement released online, Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said Total’s facilities were being used as a base from which drone strikes were being launched on their members and bases, and claimed responsibility for a failed 18 December rocket attack on the 6.7mn tons/year Total-operated Yemen LNG liquefaction plant in Balhaf ( MEES, 19 December 2014 ). (CONTINUED - 485 WORDS)