Turkey’s Gama Enerji and US firm General Electric have completed the 900MW Egemer combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant at Erzin for Turkish energy investor Akenerji. Gama has also started up the 35MW Gokres II wind farm at Manisa. These additions take Turkey’s total electricity generating capacity to 67.57GW, based on the Ministry of Energy’s recent announcement that project start-ups earlier this year had taken the country’s total generating capacity to 66.63GW (MEES, 11 July).

Gama built the Egemer plant under an EPC contract awarded in 2010. GE supplied two gas turbines and three generators for the plant under a 2012 contract and will maintain the equipment under a 12-year agreement. The turbines are designed for quick start-up, allowing rapid response to supply fluctuations. Flexibility has been a decider in recent Turkish CCGT awards, since rising wind capacity has increased Turkey’s vulnerability to weather-related supply disruptions (MEES, 31 January). (CONTINUED - 537 WORDS)