UAE Faces Power Capacity Shortfall, Targets Improved Efficiency

The UAE will need to step up its plans for new power capacity if a looming shortfall is to be bridged, according to MEES analysis of the available data.

The Emirates collectively have plans to install seven power plants with total combined capacity of 9.47GW by 2021, a 33% increase on current installed capacity of 28.9GW (see table).

However demand growth is set to outstrip this with current trends indicating consumption will rise 50% between 2014 and 2021 to hit 171TWh by the latter date. By then average demand will have risen to 51% of installed capacity, a dangerously high level given that peak demand is typically 1.5 to two times average levels (see graph). (CONTINUED - 671 WORDS)


table UAE Powergen Capacity