Libya’s Fragile Oil Recovery Continues

Against all odds, Libya has managed to shrug off a further setback and continue its oil output recovery this week. But with two governments and deepening political strife, further disruptions are all but guaranteed.

Libya’s embattled oil sector performed the most unlikely of comebacks, raising daily output close to the million barrel mark in the face of continued fighting and a stalemate between rival governments.

Production at fields in Libya reached around 900,000 b/d on 24 September, a spokesman for the state-owned National Oil Corporation (NOC) tells MEES. This is a marked increase from 700,000 b/d a week earlier, when militia clashes forced shut the Sharara oil field, one of the country’s largest, and the August average of 540,000 b/d (see graph). (CONTINUED - 1437 WORDS)