BG Signs Deal To Pipe Israeli Gas To Egyptian LNG Plant

The partners of Israel’s largest offshore natural gas discovery, the aptly named 19 tcf Leviathan field, have signed a non-binding letter of intent with UK firm BG to supply “up to 3.75 tcf” of gas over 15 years to the LNG liquefaction facility at Idku on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast.

This equates to average volumes of 685mn cfd, 7.1 bcm/year, or 5.25mn tons/year of LNG, the equivalent of just over 70% of the BG-operated Idku plant’s 7.2mn t/y capacity.

The gas would reach Idku via a subsea pipeline of around 380km from the planned Leviathan floating, production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO). (CONTINUED - 1009 WORDS)