Turkey’s Ministry of Energy expects the country’s electricity consumption to reach 620TWh in 2030, when it aims to have non-fossil fuels providing 45% of its power. The ministry says that in 2030 coal-fired capacity will provide 32% of Turkey’s electricity, with gas providing 23%, hydropower 15%, wind and geothermal 12%, nuclear 11%, solar 5% and other sources 2%, according to the Anadolu news agency, citing a ministry report.

State transmission company TEIAS estimates Turkish electricity consumption at 245.5TWh in 2013 and says this will rise by 4.3% in 2014 to a total 256TWh. Anadolu cites a new TEIAS report estimating 2013 contributions to electricity output as: gas-fired 45%; coal-fired 25%; hydropower 25%; and wind 3%. The remaining 2% includes diesel and geothermal capacity. (CONTINUED - 287 WORDS)