Yemen’s President ‘Abd Rabu Mansur Hadi this week appointed Husain Rashid Jamal al-Kaf as the country’s new Minister of Oil and Minerals, replacing oil sector veteran Khalid ‘Abd Allah Bahah after less than three months in the job. Mr Bahah becomes Yemen’s new permanent representative to the United Nations. This comes as part of a cabinet reshuffle conducted amid growing popular unrest in the capital San’a over city-wide power cuts, fuel shortages and unsustainably high energy prices.

Other new appointees are Muhammad Mansur Zemam as Finance Minister, Jamal ‘Abd Allah al-Salal as Foreign Minister, ‘Abd Allah Muhsin al-Akwa’a as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Electricity, and Nasr Taha Mustafa as Minister of Information. (CONTINUED - 1059 WORDS)