Libya: Budget ‘Approved’ But More Cuts Likely

Libya’s caretaker government of Prime Minister ‘Abd Allah al-Thinni now considers the 2014 Libyan budget as having been “legally approved by the General National Congress (GNC).”

Following a meeting on 10 June, the government issued a statement explaining that, in its own interpretation, the budget proposals it submitted to the GNC (parliament) earlier this year are “considered to be approved automatically.” According to Article 132 of GNC internal law 62 if the GNC does not demand specific amendments to the proposed budget then the law automatically takes effect, government spokesman Ahmad Lamin tells local daily the Libya Herald.

GNC budget committee head Muhammad ‘Abd Allah tells Reuters that the GNC is willing to work with the finance ministry to implement the budget without a formal vote “as long as recommendations from lawmakers are included.” But other deputies apparently want a formal approval of the budget by the GNC. (CONTINUED - 762 WORDS)