Kuwait’s Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB) has clarified that the planned al-Zour North Phase 2 and al-‘Abdaliyah projects will go ahead under the terms set out in existing independent water and power project (IWPP) legislation. Some 40% of each project will be offered to the foreign investors developing the project, with 50% reserved for Kuwaiti nationals and 10% for government bodies, PTB president ‘Adil al-Rumi tells al-Anbaa newspaper.

This follows a statement by Ministry of Electricity and Water assistant under-secretary Mishan al-‘Utaibi at a 3 June conference that an amendment to the IWPP law, which will give the ministry more say on future power projects, will be passed “very soon.” The ministry wants the option to develop future power and water projects under engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts, he says, and aims to build a power and water project with 2.5GW of generating capacity for 2020 start-up. (CONTINUED - 274 WORDS)