Main Issues Facing Sisi

Egypt has vast economic and political problems: large bureaucracy, red tape and corruption that deter foreign investments will require the new administration’s attention. Also the latter will need to address other issues, like the reduction of high subsidies for energy and consumer goods, the unemployment rate and the housing shortage.

Mr Sisi’s campaign has focused on programs to carry out economic recovery but such promises were reiterated in previous election campaigns.

It will be harder for the new administration to deliver solutions for these problems if there is insecurity. Although the security forces have so far remained strong and united in Egypt, there are signs of fissure. There is a split emerging between the armed forces and the Ministry of Interior (the police). The latter have been in the front lines, taking most of the brunt of the casualties, since the anti-Mubarak protests. There is disgruntlement among the police who are aware of the privileges and the economic benefits that the armed forces enjoy, whether during duty or upon retirement. (CONTINUED - 400 WORDS)