Saudi-Iran Relatons On The Mend?

An open invitation by Saudi Arabia to Iran’s foreign minister to visit the kingdom is the first sign of a potential thaw between the long-time regional rivals.

The apparent shift in Riyadh’s strategy comes as Tehran’s key Arab ally, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, appears to be gaining the upper ground in the three-year civil war against Saudi-backed opponents, and as Iranian nuclear talks with world powers are at a critical juncture.

A rapprochement between the main Sunni and Shi’a regional powers may still be some way off, given the many bones of contention between them. But it would help to defuse tensions in other parts of the Middle East outside of Syria, which remains Saudi Arabia’s main preoccupation for now, and appears to have spurred the latest olive branch to the Islamic Republic. (CONTINUED - 726 WORDS)