Revenues for Egypt’s Suez Canal have remained remarkably steady in recent years despite political turmoil. Takings were $5.11bn for 2013, down a touch on 2012. Numbers remain below 2008’s record $5.38bn.

The canal, linking the Red Sea with the Mediterranean, is a key source of revenue for the ailing Egyptian economy (see p17). For 2013, Suez takings equate to 2% of GDP and 8.2% of total government revenue. Shipments of both crude (1.5mn b/d) and overall petroleum (3.1mn b/d) hit a record in 2013. In terms of overall cargo the canal carried a record 754mn tons in 2013. For gross tonnage (including vessel weight), the 2013 figure of 915mn t is just down on 2011’s record 929mn t. (CONTINUED - 151 WORDS)