Morocco Drilling

UK firm Cairn and Anglo-Turkish partner Genel Energy have plugged the first well drilled on their offshore Juby Maritime block after encountering only disappointing hydrocarbon finds. This follows a similar disappointment from Cairn’s deepwater well on its Foum Draa block late last year (MEES, 10 January).

“The JM-1 well … drilled to evaluate Upper Jurassic and Middle Jurassic objectives reached a total depth of 3,711ms and has been plugged and abandoned without testing,” Cairn said in a 17 March statement.

The well struck heavy oil in the Upper Jurassic but this was insufficient to justify keeping the well open. Cairn and its partners will now evaluate the upper and middle Jurassic layers with data from JM-1 and a well drilled in 1968 before deciding on further drilling. (CONTINUED - 384 WORDS)