Iranian Petroleum Minister Bijan Zanganeh says Iran’s state refiner will stop adding octane boosters provided by petrochemicals producers to its gasoline due to concerns about worsening pollution. Iran has added chemicals including ethers and benzene to gasoline stocks since 2010, in order to boost available fuel volumes and halt a reliance on imports as international sanctions began to bite (MEES, 27 September 2010). Stopping additives use is expected to lead to a resumption of gasoline imports.

“According to [state refiner] NIORDC, petrochemical components in gasoline are polluting and don’t meet standards. This gasoline will not be distributed in Tehran any more. Based on an agreement with the government for the next Iranian year [beginning 21 March 2014], no more gasoline will be received from petrochemical plants,” Mr Zanganeh told state news agency ISNA on 25 February. (CONTINUED - 279 WORDS)