Abu Dhabi’s Borouge Ramps Up Output At Third Ruwais Petchems Plant

Abu Dhabi’s Borouge is ramping up production at its third petrochemicals plant at Ruwais. Borouge-3 will, when fully operational, deliver up to 1.08mn tons/year of linear low-density/high-density polyethylene (LLDPE/HDPE), 960,000 t/y of polypropylene (PP) and 350,000 t/y of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

This will raise Borouge’s polyolefins production capacity to 4.33mn t/y from 1.94mn t/y at Ruwais, where units of state firm ADNOC also operate refineries and gas processing plants. Borouge, a joint venture of ADNOC and Austria’s Borealis, started up Borouge-1 in 2001 and Borouge-2 in 2010.

Borouge-3 cost $3.9bn and incorporates one of the world’s largest crackers, with capacity to deliver 1.5mn t/y of ethylene. While the plant’s end-products will potentially more than double Borouge’s sales revenues, the cracker’s 146mn cfd ethane feedstock requirement increases pressure on Abu Dhabi’s limited gas resources. (CONTINUED - 569 WORDS)


table Abu Dhabi’S Borouge Petchems Plants