Suez Canal September Revenue Dips Following Record August

• Toll revenue at the canal dipped to $469.7mn in September after a record August which saw $510mn paid to traverse the Suez.

• Shipments of petroleum in August reached a record 89.1mn tons before falling to 84mn tons in September.

• Northbound shipments of petroleum in August hit a record 10.1mn tons along with record gasoline shipments of 2.2mn tons.

• Southbound shipments in August also saw a number of records with petroleum (7.8mn tons), crude (2.3mn tons) and naphtha (1.8mn tons) all reaching new highs.

• Southbound shipments of fuel oil rose in September to hit a record 3.3mn tons after reaching 2.8mn tons in August. (CONTINUED - 103 WORDS)