Bahrain Eyes  2015 Start On  Fertilizers Expansion

Bahrain’s Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) is set to begin work on a planned expansion project that will more than double its production capacity. However, go-ahead may hinge on Bahrain’s National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) sourcing additional gas supplies.

GPIC estimates the cost of the planned expansion at $1.5-2bn and says that the company is looking to secure government approval to go ahead with the project in 2015. Project completion is anticipated in 2018 (MEES, 11 July).

GPIC estimates total production capacity of existing plants at 1.4mn tons/year, but says that in 2013 it produced 1.59mn tons: 687,800 tons of urea, 460,600 tons of ammonia and 446,300 tons of methanol. The company plans to add capacity to produce 1.17mn t/y of urea and 875,000 t/y of ammonia. (CONTINUED - 264 WORDS)