EU 2013 import data identifies Iraqi crude as Basrah Light, Kirkuk and ‘other Iraq,’ – seemingly Kurdish oil. Imports of 6.88mn barrels (18,850 b/d) went to Germany (30%), Austria (28%) and Belgium (32%). Of KRG crude trucked to Turkish Mediterranean ports for export to Europe, oil from the Gulf Keystone-operated Shaikan goes via Dortyol and Genel Energy’s Taq Taq via Mersin. Austria’s OMV, has been taking volumes ex-Mersin into Trieste in Italy. From there, it has shipped the crude to its Vienna refinery and to southern Germany via the TAP pipeline. Trucked Taq Taq exports began in January 2013 and on some days hit 70,000 b/d. Over 2013, exports averaged around 20,000 b/d, Genel says (MEES, 17 January). This tallies with the EU data. Baghdad has so far neglected to act against the trucked exports, focusing on the more contentious pipeline barrels.