Jordan Looks To Shale Power To Ease Reliance On Oil Imports

The Jordanian government has signed an agreement with Attarat Power Company (APCO) for a potential $2.2bn development of an oil-shale fired power plant, synthetic crude plant and associated oil shale mine. APCO is a joint venture of Estonia’s Enefit and Malaysia’s YTL Power.

Jordan’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Muhammad Hamid says the 460MW thermal power plant, to be built in the Arrarat region 100km south of ‘Amman, will be the first in the MENA region to employ direct combustion technology to exploit oil shale deposits.

Prime Minister Abd ‘Allah al-Nusur says the power plant is the first stage of the development, which will deliver around one-sixth of the kingdom’s power needs, while a later stage will produce oil. Both the power plant and proposed 38,000 b/d synthetic crude plant will incorporate technology developed by Enefit. (CONTINUED - 309 WORDS)