The first results from the unprecedented recent flurry of Moroccan exploration have been disappointing. But state oil firm ONHYM cautions against getting carried away – by either optimism or negativity – based on the first three wells of 31 it expects to be drilled by end-2014.

UK independent Cairn late last month reported that the first well in the company’s exploration campaign in the deepwater Atlantic offshore Morocco was a disappointment. Whilst the FD-1 wildcat in 1,500ms water 120km offshore on the Foum Draa block encountered “gas shows… which confirmed an active thermogenic petroleum system” it “failed to hit the target reservoir,” ONHYM says. The well will be plugged and abandoned with Cairn moving on to its next planned target on the Juby Maritime III block further south (see map, MEES,18 October 2013). (CONTINUED - 330 WORDS)