Petro Rabigh on 24 September restarted “all basic units” of its refining and petrochemicals complex, following an 11 September power and steam supply outage that damaged some furnaces in the ethane cracker. The Petro Rabigh complex is based around a 400,000 b/d refinery and 1.3mn tons/year ethylene plant. The company says the ethane cracker “started up with limited capacity (60mn cfd), to be operated at full capacity (95mn cfd) during the first week of October, according to the set plan. Any future developments will be announced as they occur.”

On 18 September Petro Rabigh announced that it told utilities provider Rabigh Arabian Water and Electricity Company (RAWEC), a special purpose company owned by Marubeni (30%), JGC (25%), ACWA Power (23.9%), Itochu (20.1%) and Petro Rabigh (1%) and formed to provide utilities to the Petro Rabigh complex, that it intends to terminate their water and energy conversion agreement (MEES, 20 September). RAWEC is contracted to provide 360MW of electricity, 1,230 tons/hour of steam and 5,580 t/h of water to Petro Rabigh. RAWEC has not responded publicly to the threat. (CONTINUED - 283 WORDS)