After years of discussion and studies, Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) appears to have narrowed in on a plan to expand its 267,000 b/d nameplate capacity refinery at Sitra to 360,000 b/d, MEES learns. This marks a scaling back – amid financing concerns – from earlier more ambitious plans for expansion to 450,000 b/d and beyond (MEES, 19 December 2011).

The $5-6bn project will be completed in steps with the first phase to come online in 2017 and the final phase in 2020. Originally Bapco hoped to secure a partner to help expand the Sitra plant. But its eventual decision to go it alone – revealed by Bapco CEO ‘Adil al-Muayyid in a March interview with MEES (MEES, 15 March) – likely factored into the ultimate decision to target the lower-end of the range in discussion. Bapco had publicly discussed expanding its refinery to between 330,000 b/d and more than 450,000 b/d. (CONTINUED - 565 WORDS)