Libya is struggling to reopen terminals and restart production at oil fields hit by labor strikes and protests. MEES soundings indicate output at the 350,000 b/d Waha (Oasis) fields restarted after a four-day stoppage, but, contrary to press reports, as of the morning of 11 July 330,000-360,000 b/d at the Repsol-operated Murzuq basin fields was still off-line.

Waha stopped producing on 5 July after protests shut down the Sider export terminal and restarted on the morning of 9 July. Efforts were underway to resolve protests at Zawiya export terminal, which has stopped Repsol’s Murzuq fields from producing since around 27 June. The two sides “were very close to reaching agreement last night. So…fingers crossed… I don’t think it will be long,” a source told MEES on 11 July. (CONTINUED - 394 WORDS)