Abu Dhabi’s TAQA published its first sustainable development report on 7 July, setting out a strategy for “finding ways to make energy sources cleaner.” TAQA CEO Carl Sheldon says: “The question being asked of companies now is not just whether they make money, but how they achieve that aim. That is why we are widening our perspective from a purely results-oriented system to one based on values, which will benefit our stakeholders and the different communities we work with.”

TAQA is the majority owner in plants providing 95% of Abu Dhabi’s water and electricity. Besides gas-fired plants in the UAE and abroad, it has coal-fired projects in Morocco, Turkey and India – in the latter two the focus is on extra-dirty lignite (MEES, 11 January). It also has oil and gas operations in Canada, UK, the Netherlands, the US and Iraq. TAQA has 16.395gw of generating capacity and 600mn barrels equivalent of oil and gas reserves. (CONTINUED - 293 WORDS)