Baghdad aims to raise Iraqi refining capacity to more than 1.4mn b/d by 2019, through upgrading existing refineries and building new plants, according to Iraq’s Integrated National Energy Strategy (INES), launched on 12 June (MEES, 14 June).

The plan says major refineries at Baiji, Daura and Basra have combined design capacity of 900,000 b/d, but that “due to extensive disrepair the aggregate available capacity is only 660,000 b/d.” While total refining output exceeds aggregate domestic demand of 412,000 b/d, “the components of demand and production are not aligned. Iraqi refineries produce far more fuel oil than Iraq can currently transport or consume, and the excess is simply blended back into crude oil. On the other hand, these refineries produce less gasoline, gasoil and LPG than is needed domestically.” (CONTINUED - 293 WORDS)