Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has invited expressions of interest from potential investors in waste-to-energy (WTE) projects. The ministry says the government is looking to generate electricity from solid municipal waste, in line with existing policies and regulations for renewable energy. Projects will only be able to process waste generated in Jordan – no waste can be imported. The ministry says that projects generating electricity for domestic consumption will be prioritized over proposals to export power. Submissions are requested by 20 June.

The WTE program is the latest initiative by Jordan to reduce its dependence on imported gas for power generation. Jordan is building tri-fuel plants to allow switching to fuel oil or diesel when gas supply is erratic (MEES, 11 January). Six companies have recently submitted bids to build a 500mw oil shale power plant, with construction to begin in 2014 for start-up by 2017. The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) is providing $150mn funding for a 65mw wind farm in Ma’an governorate (MEES, 10 May), while a World Bank fund is providing $50mn for a 100mw solar power plant. The government has also proposed building a 1.0gw nuclear power plant by 2020 (MEES, 26 April). (CONTINUED - 275 WORDS)