Oman LNG (OLNG) has announced it is ending all production – about 9mn tons/year to supply its gas-strapped domestic market – by 2024. The gas crisis that is hitting most GCC countries could leave Qatar as the only Gulf LNG exporter by 2024. Abu Dhabi, the region’s third LNG producer– which is preparing to import LNG to ease a severe gas crisis – will have to decide if it is to close its ageing LNG plant when its 4.7mn t/y supply contract to Japan finishes in 2019.

OLNG CEO Harib al-Kitani said at a conference on 3 March that Oman LNG will “close its shop” in 2024. Despite a gas shortage resulting in a waiting list for firms that want power and/or gas for new projects, Oman still exports 55% of its sales gas. It runs its 10.4mn t/y LNG trains at below 90% of their production capacity – just enough to meet term contracts. It hopes BP’s tight gas project coming on stream in 2017 will temporarily ease the crisis. (CONTINUED - 824 WORDS)