Abu Dhabi-based Dolphin Energy is confident it will get 1.2bn cfd more gas by mid-2014, MEES learns. Dolphin (owned by Abu Dhabi state-held conglomerate Mubadala 51%, Total 24.5% and Occidental Petroleum 24.5%) processes gas from Qatar’s offshore North field, transporting 2bn cfd by subsea pipeline to the UAE and Oman.

It is widely thought in the gas industry that Qatar’s moratorium on new gas projects, until a study into depletion of the North Field reservoir is completed, prevents an expansion of Dolphin Energy’s allocated section of the field. This would require new upstream development. However, Mubadala understands that given the expansion would not require a greenfield operation – and Qatar Petroleum (QP) has to drill more wells anyway for maintenance – further development is possible without the moratorium being lifted. (CONTINUED - 548 WORDS)