Speaking in an interview with MEES Mr Muayyid said “The [ongoing] Unit Definition Study reduces uncertainty by a certain degree, and then you go into engineering design and talk to licensors. We want to go for optimum capacity. It could be [expansion to] 350,000 b/d it could be 430,000 b/d – anywhere in between – and it depends on what fuel oil yields you are willing to tolerate. So what we would like to have is some flexibility. If the market can afford it or if fuel oil is in reasonable demand and we can produce it, we want the capacity to be able to produce fuel oil.”

“Given the fact that we have infrastructure, we have no interest in replacing units that are already performing their job within the refinery. It is not going to be a replacement of all units. It’s a brownfield project,” he adds. (CONTINUED - 669 WORDS)