A $2.1bn fourth NGL fractionation train at Ruwais, and the $5.7bn Habshan 5 gas processing unit – which are being built in Abu Dhabi – are set to become operational by year end. Both are owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO), a consortium of ADNOC (68%), Shell (15%), Total (15%) and Partex (2%), which processes onshore gas. Habshan 5, which MEES learns is scheduled for completion in May, will provide some of the feedstock to the 27,500 tons/year fractionation train at Ruwais. Habshan 5 will have the capacity to produce up to 12,000 tons/day of NGLs and ethane from 2.15bn cfd of raw gas from three field developments, the last of which – onshore associated gas – will have ramped up by end 2018.

GASCO is preparing to inject 600mn cfd of nitrogen by mid-2014 into Habshan wet gas field, and in doing so recover the same volume of gas – currently used for reinjection – for delivery to Habshan 5 (MEES 19, September 2011). Currently, most of the heavier ‘field condensate’ is collected at the wellhead – through active stripping at the gas gathering platform, or natural precipitation out of the gas stream. The reinjection gas includes lighter condensate that remains in the gas. (CONTINUED - 1041 WORDS)