Syria’s draft budget law for 2014 envisages total expenditure of S£1,390bn ($10bn at the current official rate of $1=S£139), virtually unchanged from S£1,383bn ($9.9bn) in 2013.

The 2014 budget consists of S£1,010bn ($ 7.3bn) for current expenditure (73% of the total) and S£380bn ($2.7bn) for capital expenditure, compared to S£1,108 ($8.0bn) and S£275bn ($2.0bn) respectively in 2013. The draft budget allocates S£605bn ($4.4bn) for subsidies, up from S£512bn ($3.7bn) in 2013. It also earmarks S£50bn ($360mn) for reconstruction and refurbishing of public establishments damaged as a result of the ongoing civil war. (CONTINUED - 370 WORDS)