While many MENA governments are trumpeting ambitious renewables and nuclear power programs as they push to keep pace with demand growth and save oil and gas for export, a number of recent major turbine deals and project awards show that gas in particular and also oil are still key fuels for electricity generation.

Total MENA electricity generating capacity was over 300GW as of end-2012 (MEES, 4 January), and power producers have completed a number of substantial additions this year. The IEA views the Middle East as one of the key drivers of capacity growth, predicting an additional 281GW of new capacity during 2013-35 (MEES, 15 November). Of this, almost 55% will be gas-fired and 11% oil-fired, while renewables will contribute 27% and nuclear 2.5% (see chart). (CONTINUED - 651 WORDS)