The agency’s latest World Energy Outlook, published on 12 November, sees the power sector representing more than half of the increase in global energy use to 2035. Non-OECD countries will account for the bulk of incremental electricity demand, led by China (36%), India (13%), Southeast Asia (8%) and the Middle East (6%). (All numbers refer to the IEA’s central ‘New Policies Scenario’.)

In terms of electricity demand per capita, the IEA says that the gap narrows between non-OECD and OECD countries, but only Russia, China and the Middle East will exceed even half of the OECD average by 2035. Global installed generating capacity will grow by over 70%, from 5.65TW in 2012 to about 9.76TW in 2035, with 1.94TW of capacity being retired. Cumulative total investment of $17 trillion is envisaged during 2013-25, with new plants accounting for 58% of the total and the remainder going into transmission and distribution networks. (CONTINUED - 620 WORDS)