Libya’s oil output is running at 1.6mn b/d oil minister ‘Abd al-Rahman Ben Yezza said on 24 September. This is more or less level with pre-war levels. But it remains to be seen if this level can be maintained.

State firm NOC previously announced crude production had reached 1.6mn b/d in late May (MEES, 28 May). That month’s average crude production was 1.552mn b/d – a figure equalled last month according to NOC figures – but crude output subsequently fell to 1.45mn b/d for June and 1.42mn b/d for July. June output was seriously dented by a series of protests, disturbances and infrastructure bottlenecks culminating in protests which shut three of the country’s key export terminals during the days around Libya’s 7 July national assembly elections (MEES, 16 July). (CONTINUED - 761 WORDS)