The killings have shocked Libyans and foreigners alike. International oil investors are taking extra security measures, but the incident has not prompted any exodus of foreign workers from the country. “We are shocked. We do not see the Americans as enemies, let alone this ambassador, who had been very friendly. But it has not affected our operations and so far I don’t see any foreign oil companies or service companies leaving,” says ‘Abd al-Jalil al-Mayuf, spokesman for Benghazi-based state oil firm, AGOCO.

“It is always horrible. But it is terrorism and you know Libya is not the only place where you get that,” says a source at one foreign oil operator. A Tripoli-based executive notes: “We haven’t done anything and I haven’t heard of anyone, including any of the American firms leaving.” However, it is clear that the security issue is now no longer something that can be swept under the carpet. “There will be no new bidding rounds or even negotiations until this security issue is dealt with. No one good will come to invest until this problem is fixed,” the executive argues. (CONTINUED - 907 WORDS)