To create a more competitive power market Saudi Arabia is preparing a transmission network upgrade and regulations that will allow multiple companies, including Saudi Aramco, to sell power to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). Saudi Aramco – a current net buyer – is building power plant capacity that would allow it to become a net seller.

Under the new rules – expected to be effective by end-2013, Saudi Aramco will at first be able to sell power to SEC, the central power supplier, and at a later stage will be able to sell directly to customers. Speaking at Saudi Power and Water Forum on 2-4 December, ‘Abd Allah al-Shehri, Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) Governor said rules for setting the charges for use of the grid have been approved and “Saudi Aramco will be the first entity that will be able to use it to supply its loads from its own off-site generation.” (CONTINUED - 1769 WORDS)