The Lebanese government on 7 November appointed the six members of its Petroleum Administration, which is tasked with the management of the country’s hydrocarbon affairs, including the launch of the first licensing round. The decision to appoint the six members was rushed through the cabinet meeting, following intensive behind the scenes consultations between political leaders, including Lebanese President Michel Sulaiman and the Speaker of parliament Nabih Berri.

Political wrangling between various groups in the country had delayed the appointments to the new administration. Some 619 candidates from various confessional groups have applied for the positions in the administration, said Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water Gebran Bassil. The appointed members consist of Walid Nasir (Catholic), Nasir Hutait (Shi’a), Wisam Shbat (Maronite), Gaby Da’bul (Orthodox), Wisam al-Zahabi (Sunni), and ‘Asim Abu Ibrahim (Druze). (CONTINUED - 277 WORDS)