Mr Abu Harrura is likely to survive a shake-up of Mr Abu Shagur’s choices when the Prime Minister presents revised cabinet proposals to Libya’s National Congress on Sunday 7 October. Mr Abu Shagur says he will change some, but not most, of the names in updated proposals for his 28-member cabinet (his earlier proposals contained 27 names: Mr Abu Shagur plans to fill the role of foreign minister himself on an interim basis).

As of MEES press time Mr Abu Harrura looked likely to remain first choice for oil minister. This choice attracted criticism – in particular for his perceived lack of experience. But criticism of Mr Abu Shagur’s proposed cabinet focused mostly on a perceived lack of regional and political balance. The new government will still officially be an ‘interim’ administration (replacing a ‘transitional’ one). Formation of a permanent government awaits national elections pending the finalization of a constitution (see table). Elections are unlikely before the second half of 2013. (CONTINUED - 1616 WORDS)