Jordanian independent power producer ‘Amman Asia Electric Power has awarded a $552mn turnkey contract to a consortium led by Finland’s Wärtsilä for construction of the world’s largest tri-fuel power plant. The 573mw capacity plant will be powered by 38 Wärtsilä multi-fuel engines and capable of running on heavy fuel oil, diesel and gas. Wärtsilä said the flexibility of the tri-fuel system ensures that Jordan will have a safe and reliable energy supply. Initially operating on heavy fuel oil, the fuel flexibility will enable a switch to natural gas “once the infrastructure for natural gas supply is in place.”

The plant will be built at al-Manakher, 30km outside ‘Amman. It will be developed in three phases, with the first scheduled to come on-line in February 2014 and the entire plant to be operational by September 2014. It will be Jordan’s second tri-fuel unit. AES Jordan plans to build and operate a tri-fuel plant at the ‘Amman East Power project site 24km outside the capital (MEES, 28 September). Jordan’s choice of tri-fuel technology results from a need to seek reliable sources of fuel after gas supply from Egypt was reduced following the overthrow of the Husni Mubarak regime in early 2011 (MEES, 12 October). (CONTINUED - 280 WORDS)