26 March, 2018

Gulf Safety Forum 2018

Euro Petroleum Consultants

"It is widely recognised that organisations must develop their technical safety journey, focusing on their plant, safety, reliability and human interfaces in order to achieve the target of no surprises and zero accidents. A focus on safety is the number one priority for companies, with operators, manufacturers, suppliers and consultants developing innovative and effective solutions in these areas.

The Gulf Safety Forum again brings together international and local key industry experts from across the region to discuss strategies for continuous improvement of safety processes and procedures, as well as share successful case studies and roadmaps.

Euro Petroleum Consultants is pleased to announce the second edition of the GSF Safety Award.

Presented to the company that demonstrates the best overall achievement in HSE over the last two years, the GSF Safety Award will celebrate the company who has found innovative ways of making lasting improvements to the safety and health of their workers, to the environment and to productivity. By sharing their examples and recognising their achievements, the GSF Safety Award hopes to drive change and promote best practice in safety.

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