23 Nov, 2019

Iraq Oil & Gas Show


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WHY THE IRAQ OIL & GAS SHOW? Iraq is poised to become a powerhouse on the global oil and gas market. As the fastest-growing oil producer in the world, the potential is huge, ranking as the 5th largest source of global oil supply. Oil reserves stand at just under 150 million barrels per day, spread across over 70 fields. Iraq remains underexplored, with the potential for large scale discoveries. Iraq is ready to reassert itself as a pivotal nation on the global oil map. The large-scale upstream capacity is well known to the international audience. The challenges and opportunities lie in the broader hydrocarbon industry. Iraq’s development is hampered by its midstream and downstream operations. Iraq’s hydrocarbon supply chain needs substantial investment, whilst bottlenecks and a weak energy infrastructure prevent long-term growth in the providing domestic energy consumption and international distribution. The Iraq Oil & Gas Show is the only event in the local market to target the vast opportunities and challenges that are prevalent in the hydrocarbon industry. Most of the Iraqi oil and gas events focus on Iraq’s role as a leading oil producer; however, the opportunity lies within the broader downstream and midstream sectors. If you are interested in operating in Iraq, The Iraq Oil & Gas Show will offer unique insight into the Iraqi hydrocarbon sector. Key and undiscussed content from technological innovation, supply chain management, infrastructure development and developing a midstream & downstream capacity will be discussed in length. Do not miss out, The Iraq Oil & Gas Show is the premier event for Iraq’s hydrocarbon sector.

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