26 March, 2018

Operational Excellence in Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Euro Petroleum Consultants

"It is now a given that striving towards Operational Excellence is critical for oil, gas and petrochemical operators as well as for the manufacturing and industrial sectors in general. Operators need to increase their margins and tightly control costs, whilst ensuring that safety and reliability are not compromised. Effective leadership is essential in managing the process of continuous improvement and ensuring that employees are empowered with data, information and procedures transparently in a role-based manner to assist in fast, accurate actions which lead to consistently good decisions.

Join us at OPEX MENA 2018 where the major operators in the region will share case studies that outline their challenges, successes and key learnings. We will also hear from industry leaders, solutions providers and key consultants on the latest trends, tools and techniques that will drive us to even greater levels of operational excellence improvements, allowing companies to innovate in the areas of ‘people’, ‘process’, ‘assets’ and ‘technology’.

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