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The twin elements of sustainable energy are energy efficiency and renewable energy. Meeting the growing needs for energy now without jeopardizing future supplies has become a major concern of nations. Harnessing energy generated from natural resources which are renewable goes well back in the history of mankind.

There is ample evidence of the rising importance of sustainable energy. The utilization of alternative energy has spread from the industrial to the developing countries over the past decade. Related regulations, budget allocations and environmental stipulations are being carefully formulated worldwide as concerns over the deterioration of the earth’s ecosystem are intensifying.

The question is whether these gradual changes in attitudes as well as breakthroughs in new technologies can help to control our future reliance on fossil fuels.

The story of the supremacy of the oil and gas over other fossil sources may be summarized by a single term, namely technology.


Former Saudi Oil Minister Sheikh Zaki Yamani once said: 

“The Stone Age came to an end, not because we had a lack of stones, and the oil age will come to an end not because we have a lack of oil”

It is important to remember that technological innovation and the associated capacity for future energy development are limited only by the restrictions of the human mind. The petroleum industry itself may be the best model to confirm this state of affairs. The latter part of the 19th century saw the rise of the petroleum industry and witnessed its supremacy over coal by the beginning of the second quarter of the 20th century. Nevertheless, as a finite source of energy it may very well be replaced by renewable and cleaner sources, depending on the ingenuity of the human mind in commercializing technological innovations.

The Journal of Sustainable Energy is produced bi-monthly. As with all other MEES products, a specialized team of world renowned experts will lead this publication, and supply professionals, investors and students with an in-depth analysis of the trends in this vital industry, with particular emphasis on the Middle East Region.


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