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Since the latter part of the 19th century oil and gas have dominated the world's lifestyle and welfare. Hydrocarbon exploitation has brought about technological innovations that have produced both beneficial and harmful consequences. On the one hand they have helped to improve the quality of human life and contributed to the reduction of disease, illiteracy, poverty and insecurity. On the other, no alternative source of energy has created such devastating and continuing political instability among nations. Cross-border behaviour is to varying degrees attributable to the uneven distribution of energy resources, and this is a significant factor in assessing the risk profiles of sovereign nations. The identification, management and mitigation of geopolitical risk in the energy sector are central to modern international relations.



Since November 2008 MEES has produced monthly Special Reports on “Energy & Geopolitical Risk.” Capitalizing on the experience of MEES, a weekly publication which has provided a wealth of news and analysis of energy issues for more than half a century, these reports reflect the knowledge and experience of its editors and management, as well as the professional opinions of world renowned specialists.

Every month readers can enjoy a unique “Virtual Dialogue”, in conjunction with focused analysis.


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